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What are some Uses of Fingerprints?

About Fingerprints and Fingerprinting

Our hands are covered with those narrow corrugated ridges in our skin and palms, these are called papillary peaks. Everyone person on the planet has unique fingerprints. The ridges are very small and are usually covered with sweat, the friction ridge pores are caused by the formation of protruding sweat pores. A fingerprint is a reproduction of the papillary ridges on the phalanx of the finger.

Fingerprints have some very special features…

Uniqueness – The ridges and their characteristics of our fingers are unique. Each person has distinct and unique ridges on finger, sole, and palm.

They are Permanent – Dr. Harold Cummins said that the caps that are developed during fetal development in the fourth month are permanent until death and even until complete decomposition.

Fingerprints as Personal Identification

While some dimensions of our body change as we grow such as our body; skin complexion; face; eye color; number of teeth; hair quality and quantity; and even our penmanship, our fingerprints are unique and permanent from birth until death.

The patterns of fingerprint are extensively modified but the quantity, characteristics, and position of the ridges remained unchanged. This was proven by Francis Galton and he found out that the fingerprints are only destroyed after the decomposition of a dead person. Thus, scientists uses those information (quantity, characteristic, and position of the ridges of fingers) to determine a person’s identify.

Uses of Fingerprints in our Everyday Lives

During investigations on criminal cases – Fingerprinting is the most affordable and at the same time the best way to identity a criminal. Mostly, cases like murder and theft have no eyewitnesses and other evidences. But even with the presence of witnesses, they are still challenged in the court. Therefore the presence of fingerprints in the crime scene is the only way that will prove who was the criminal. This is because a fingerprint alone is enough conclusive evidence.

To prevent stealing of identity – The fingerprints are important to be included in some important documents such as passports, social security cards, bank accounts, driving licences, and others to avoid the use or access of unauthorized persons.

To help recognize unidentified corpses – By comparing the fingerprint of a dead person from his files is an easy way to identify him especially if his body is already mutilated or broken.

Used in biometrics-based electronic gadgets – Fingerprints are important in manufacturing biometrics-based electronic gadgets such as finger printing systems, security systems door, locking door access control systems, attendance fingerprint systems, digital fingerprints of security systems, automatic coffers, and others.

Our Fingerprints Never Lie as Our Faces Do

Most of the people do not realize how important the fingerprints in our modern life. Mr. Fred Cheril, Former Chief Superintendent of Bureau of Fingerprints in New Scotland Yard, once said in his autobiography that our fingerprints are always reliable and they will never lie. But this is true if and only if we know the unique knowledge to this science. This is because fingerprint has its own language and it is hard to understand the truth it reveals.

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