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About Violations of Employee Privacy?

Despite the fact that most employee monitoring systems do not break any laws, they do create tension and can lead to a unreceptive work environment. The atmosphere may be considered offensive both ethically and at times even cause legal issues. There is in place the “Privacy Act” which includes primary law related to members of staff and their privacy rights. The law forbids any third parties to receive, disclose or access personal information. It tries to forbid the exchange of ideas to any outer parties without previous consent from the recipient or author. Two major exceptions exist in the law, employers have the privilege to monitor their workers conversation under the circumstances if they are taking place during the everyday business hours and adds the indirect permission on the side of employees. These laws by themselves can cause issues in situations when workers are not informed beforehand about possible monitoring.

This law gives virtually unrestricted rights to employers; though, with the increasing number of legal events against employers’ disobedience of employee privacy rights, the necessity for a change has been approved. To be more exact, legislation proposes to limit employers in electronic monitoring staff and applies to analysis, reporting, storage and collection of information connected with employees either partially or as whole by wire, radio, photo-optical, photo-electronic, or electromagnetic system. Under this statement, employers have to use notification techniques to inform their employees about the forthcoming monitoring, detail which private data would be collected and in which way it will be used. Employer also don’t a right to monitor rest room, dressing room, and locker room facilities. Employers would be charged for each abuse for $10.000 as a minimum.

Even though the Act about privacy has not been accepted yet, the requirement for legal adjustments that protect workers’ privacy privileges has been acknowledged. Going even further, the growing number of officially permitted actions initiated by staff seeking defense from state judges also proves that there is a noticeable need to keep a tight rein on employer monitoring

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